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To have the courage to do something. Defying the opposition, boldly taking risk, taking the on the challenge to prove.

Do you dare?

With humble beginnings in 2014, D2BD was given life. We are a Non- Profit Organization established by our CEO/Founder Courtney Daniels & Co- Founder, Ashley Ellis to enrich and help our communities. This organization is founded in memory of Courtney's grandfather the Late Deacon James Daniels (retired Police Officer -Newark, NJ & Chaplain)

Mission Statement: Dare to be Different has a commitment that seeks to help those in need through the standards of our foundation; ingenuity, growth, giving and love. Our first principle is, “ Charity begins at home, then spreads abroad.” While we both realize and understand the weight of need that surrounds us, we have chosen to make our indentation in the Earth most optimal! Further, our goal is to be recognized globally under this initiative. 

Some of our projects began with Christian based youth groups.

D2BD has  helped to instill character, morale, and giving back through Fundraisers, Academic Dinners & Honors, Christmas Parties, Hallelujah Parties, Camp, Homework Help/Tutoring,  Mentorship and fellowship. We've  seen growth and strive to do more.

In 2016, we launched "Sent with Love", an initiative to supply young & adult women who are less fortunate with supply bags to make it through the harsh winter. Our target was 50.  We exceeded the goal! Through various support and  donations from local food stores (Shoprite, King Kullen, Stop & Shop) as well as SAVERS (thrift store- Ephrata,  PA) the mission was completed. It will be an annual program we run. 

We are of the belief that betterment in all areas of life prove most beneficial for a life that's worth living.


During the month of August (2017) D2BD staff began collecting items for distribution to the less fortunate.Thank you to SAVERS in Ephrata, PA who donated clothing, bags, shoes, blankets and more to us!



To have the courage to do something. Defying the opposition, boldly taking risk, taking the on the challenge to prove.

           College Give Away!

2017's winner of the "College Give Away!"

Dare To Be Different congratulates Miss. Shade Williams!

She attended The Fashion Institute Of  Technology in New York.

More to Come!

We've been blessed to be a blessing through out the years to serve others through mentorship, coat drives, back-to-school give aways and other events not pictured. We will continue with the assignment given to our hands.


For More Information, Donations or Partnership:

Connect with us on the Contact Page.

I'm better because of you,

CEO & Founder


Courtney Daniels

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